You no longer need to sell your car to release its value! With a quick and easy loan provided by Eek Loans you can find the money that you need with ease!

Welcome to Eek Loans, we are one of UK’s leading providers of logbook loans!

We provide low rate loans that are uniquely tailored for every customer. We guarantee that every prospective customer will be treated as an individual. This ensures that we offer the best rates for them.

Unlike high street banks or credit unions, if you have a bad credit rating we will still consider your application—in fact we won’t even know! We do not ask for detailed financial history here at Eek Loans. That means if you have a bad credit rating, CCJs, or you have previously been bankrupt, we will consider you as if you were a regular customer: All that we require is that you own a car with a market value and you have a regular income.

We will not ask you to jump through hoops. This means that we do not perform credit checks, we do not ask for early settlement fees and there are no hidden charges. You simply contact us with the information we require; then we will process your application and provide you with a rate; you just need to sign and post us the Credit Agreement along with your V5 vehicle registration document and the money will be sent to you as quickly as the banks can process it!

Since the banking crisis and the ongoing separation between prices and wages, it has been getting harder and harder to find the way to fund the things that are needed: whether it is to pay for a Christmas present for your daughter or to fund an extension for your kitchen, the banks are turning their backs on normal peoplewhen they are struggling the most. Eek Loans understands and because we understand this, we have dedicated ourselves to provide flexible and affordable loans. Importantly, we will only ever offer you loans that you can afford to repay.

It is our guarantee that our loans will always be simple, easy and clear for our customers.

  • They are simple for you to get: if your car has market value, we’ll lend money to you up to that value and you will pay back what we agree.

  • They are easy for you: you sign the Credit Agreement and send us your V5 (Vehicle Registration Document) and the money getssent straight to your account or released as a cheque in your name.

  • They are clear for you to understand: You only borrow money against the value of your car—no tricks, no hidden costs.

We always make quick timely decisions—we aim to approve your loan as fast as,and to be as convenient as, we can.

Our company strives to be the best at all times. In orderfor us to do so we work closely with our partner logbook loan providers. This enables us to offer the lowest rates to everyone and get the money in your pocket faster.

It is an easy and quick process that gets you the money you need, when you need it, without breaking your back. All you need to do is contact us with your vehicle’s details, approximate market value and proof of your regular income: Then we’ll make a decision!

If you can prove that you can afford the loan with your income and you own your car outright, we guarantee to find you the right financing whatever your other circumstances may be. Unlike banks or credit unions, we understand that people fall upon hard times.

We can do this because at our company, we use a sliding scale that tells us what you can afford. We match the value of your car with a payment rate that you will always be able to afford. The more you borrow, the more you pay—it’s that simple! However, unlike our competitors who can charge up to 400% APR, we provide rates that you can afford, and that you can understand, we endeavour to keep it simple enough that anyone can understand.

We are committed to responsible lending. Hence we will always provide rates that you can afford. This ensures that you will receive the best rate that we can give you, and we also guarantee that you will receive brilliant service from us.

We further guarantee you that the rate we give you is the best rate out there. You will not find a better deal— all you need to do is contact us, to find out how.

Not only are we committed to excellent responsible lending, but also we are highly dedicated to exceptional customer service. There are many companies who are using unsavoury and unfair sales tactics; you just have to read this report by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to see the intimidating behaviour that Eek Loansguarantees you will never experience from us. We are built upon values of respect and high standards of customer service. Our staff holds these values in the highest of regards.

We train our staff to the highest standards and they will always treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve as a valued customer of Eek Loans. We value feedback unequivocally and we share our feedback with other logbook lenders who do so in return so that we can always strive to ensure a constantly improving service—something we feel we are always doing.

We are an outstanding logbook loan provider and we offer excellent rates: If you are looking for a logbook loan, want to access the highest amount of money at the most affordable rate, then you should definitely apply here at Eek Loans! Just fill out our simple application form today to get started!